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    RealCity RPG[ENG] - Best expreince server



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    RealCity RPG[ENG] - Best expreince server

    Post  rabea on Wed Mar 25, 2015 6:31 am



    We have about 100 System in this server i can't type them all, i will say what will come in my mind.
    Heroin Delivery System illegal work.
    Products Delivery legal work.
    Mask System - RP way.
    Bank Robbery system.
    Ammuantion robbery system, you can rob a weapon from the ammuantion its for criminal factions.
    Hand tazer for law members.
    Alot of jobs about 15, i won't say them all check in server!
    Dealership system.
    House system.
    Business System.
    VIP system.
    /knockout command, so you can kidnap someone.
    /give gun command.
    Admin system.
    Helper system.
    and alot more, check em in the server!

    - Los Santos Police Department
    - Los Santos Army
    - Army 51
    - FBI
    - Corleone
    - LaVice
    - ESF
    - Leone
    - Network aka snnn
    also there is families, you can open your own family!

    We took alot commands from Raven's roleplay, its awesome server, alot fun.
    i just made advertisment becuase its nice server but there is no alot players.
    and we refunding who get players.
    i hope i see you there.

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