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    Vanity Roleplay || JUST GIVE US A TRY!


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    Vanity Roleplay || JUST GIVE US A TRY!

    Post  iNSAPURE on Thu Jul 30, 2015 12:37 am

    Why you should join us?
    You should join us, because our admin team is hard working as well as our players. We try our hardest to grow this community in strength and prevent rule breakers from joining us because they do NOT deserve a spot in our server at all. We work day and night to keep this server up guarding it with security and high amounts of DDos protection. Our admin team is hard working, and would be willing to help any player even if they have a attitude we will remain professional.Your colored text here...

    What's the community like you ask?

    Our community is by far the best roleplay server, but you ask what is the community like what is most experience from new players? Well that I will tell you right now. I'll give you feedback from new players, when new players join there on for about 1-2 hours they even register on the forum before going offline. They come back later on when they're not busy it seems as us they're enjoying the community we give them assistance when ever they need there is always a helper/admin on duty to help protect and secure the server. We work our asses off, the script is unique and very dynamic we have features a lot of servers don't even have nor close to even having this is why we tell you just to simply register and see what you think if you don't like the server, feel free to leave just give us a try and tell us what you think and what we can improve in the server.

    Server Information.
    HostName: |Unique| Vanity Roleplay |Now Open|
    Players:  4 / 500
    Ping:     82
    Mode:     VG:RP x1.6.9
    Language: English

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