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    Your Life Roleplay! The best roleplay server ever.

    Sam Wright

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    Your Life Roleplay! The best roleplay server ever.

    Post  Sam Wright on Thu Jun 21, 2012 8:55 am

    The best roleplay server ever! Made by roleplay veterans and hand scripted from a blank script. With amazing admins along with tons to do on the server, this server is awesome.

    - Custom Housing System
    - Amazing Car Shop System
    - Great Admins
    - In-Depth Player Owned Business System
    - Fun Events
    - Medium Roleplay
    - Respectable Players
    Those are just some of the numerous features of the server!
    If you are interested in joining the server the info for it is listed below.

    Website: http: //yl-rp .net (no spaces)


    Come join now! We are recruiting Gang Leaders and possibly Faction Leaders!

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