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    Ventrum Gaming Roleplay & TDM Servers


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    Ventrum Gaming Roleplay & TDM Servers

    Post  VentrumGaming on Tue Aug 21, 2012 3:26 pm

    Ventrum Gaming Roleplay & Team Deathmatch Servers

    HostName: Ventrum-Gaming Roleplay (0.3e)
    Mode: VG-RP 0.4.000
    Map: San Andreas

    HostName: (TDM) BattleField - Rezzurection [Ventrum-Gaming]
    Mode: BF-RT V1.0
    Map: San Andreas

    We are a brand new community of SA-MP Servers, and we are looking to get big, but we need YOUR help, how can you do that?
    By coming along and playing on either of our servers, we have updates 2-3 times a week, with new content being added by our dedicated scripters, don't waste your time, come and join us today!
    You can also visit us at our Website ventrum-gaming.com! we have vBulletin forums where all of the updates will be posted!

    See you there Smile

    ~Ventrum-Gaming; Making the Impossible Possible...~

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