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    Legacy Roleplay - Hiring Admin/Faction Leaders - Refund



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    Legacy Roleplay - Hiring Admin/Faction Leaders - Refund

    Post  Damon_Howlett on Sun May 05, 2013 2:30 am

    [SIZE="5"]Important Information[/SIZE]
    [SIZE="4"]SERVER IP:
    WEBSITE: Coming Soon[/SIZE]

    [SIZE="5"]Legacy Roleplay: Los Santos[/SIZE]
    Legacy Roleplay is based on an edit of a script but is on it's way of becoming Unique as we have a developer team working on the script adding, removing and editing the script due to feedback given from the regular players of Legacy Roleplay. Since out first server we've decided to put up a new one, as the owner (Damon_Howlett) has recently bought a 50 slot server.

    [SIZE="5"]Recruiting Faction Leaders[/SIZE]
    Over the next few days we'll be recruiting faction leaders to begin some intense roleplay situations between the gangs, LSPD and so on. Faction leaders will be chosen via the method "First in, First Served'. Meaning, if you're on the server first and decide to run Grove Street Families then you may do so. There will be no roleplay tests, or anything like that, but you may have up to 3 strikes of breaking server rules. Once you go through those 3 strikes you'll be removed from the faction, it'll close and then the option for somebody to restart it will be available within the next few hours.

    [SIZE="5"]Hiring Administrators/Moderators[/SIZE]
    At Legacy Roleplay we want the best admin team to be here for the players at all times, so we're looking for the following qualifications:
    - Active within the server
    - Active on the forums, forum reports
    - Understanding of ALL server rules and Roleplay terms (RK, MG, PG, etc)
    - Experience in being apart of a Staff team on previous/past servers

    If you meet the majority of these requirements and/or believe you can bring yourself forward to the administration team of Legacy Roleplay, you'll be able to apply on the forums once they are setup, otherwise you can get recognized by the server owner: Damon_Scott with helping in (/n)ewbie chat.

    We're currently refunding $50,000 for all new registered members. To give you a rough estimate on how much that is compared to item prices, a cellphone is around $200. We're working on making this server as realistic as possible meaning, prices will be somewhat realistic and health damage will be put in place in the future, as well as some other realistic systems/features.

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