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    General Life Roleplay


    David Rain

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    General Life Roleplay

    Post  David Rain on Sun Aug 11, 2013 9:49 pm

    Welcome to General Life Roleplay! The new outgoing SAMP server with a full Administration Team.
    Here at General Life Roleplay we try to bring you medium level of roleplay from our factions and our gangs. Thats why when a Gang Leader/Faction Leader is chosen they're careful watched by our professional staff team! General Life Roleplay is a more of a dynamic server, instead of the Owner doing everything we have other Admins contributing. We have a Game Affairs Team (Faction Mods & Gang Mods) to handle all Faction and Gang related issues on there own.

    There are currently a few factions that still require leadership! You can be a Faction Leader but you must sign up on the forums and fill out an application. Dont want to be come a Faction Leader? You can also apply to become a Gang Leader and receive your own slot with gang cars and a HQ. But if you just wanna get out of that political stuff and just be a normal faction member you may apply on the forums.

    Come join us day!

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