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    Cops n Robbers [RP] |0.3x|


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    Cops n Robbers [RP] |0.3x|

    Post  Thunder. on Tue Aug 20, 2013 8:02 am

    Hey there.
        IP ADDRESS:

    i would like to introduce to you my server , Cops n Robbers Roleplay.
    We give out free prizes to whoever joins our server , since we're celebrating the opening of this great server. lets get you more excited .
    i will explain to you some of what prizes you might get if you join us now!

    1. Free house
    2. Package money
    3. Chance of becoming an administrator [ if we see your fitting to the job ]

                                                       OUR Gamemode

    our gamemode is about RP , pure RP. We allow any nicknames , it doesn't have to be an official name or your irl name, Since i [ Thunder ] want the server to be an open server , by allowing you members or players to choose whichever name you like  . Of course no names which are offending or unacceptable will be tolerated.


                                                   Why should you join us?

    To start of , i'll explain to you what we got in our server.

    1. We've got an advanced house system , In which players can buy / sell / rent / un-rent / lock / unlock houses. Each player can own only 1 house , since we want to give other chances for other slow players who earn money after a slow amount of time.

    2. We have lots and lots of robbing areas such as : burger shot , casinos , banks , atms , etc etc etc.

    3. We have many classes such as , Army / Police / F.B.I / SWAT / Civilians / Medics . i'll explain each of these .

    Civilian: As a civilian , your job is to rob banks , casinos , stores and even players. You can blow players with c4 and you can also blow cars with c4.
    Civilians can also carry drugs with them , they can place hits , they can complete hits [ contracts on other players with money ] .

    Cops / Army / FBI / SWAT:  your job is to capture orange / red colored criminals , you can use /taze , /cuff / ar , etc . Army have heavy vehicles , you can also request us admins to spawn you heavy vehicles such as , Hunters / hydras .

    WE have our car renting system , and much more and more. { i won't explain the whole script XD  , Join us and explore it yourself }


                                              Future Updates

    1. Decreasing the price of houses

    2. Adding a unique RP vip system , i'll add this tonight

    3. Adding loads more of robbing stores.

    4. Creating a website / will be done  , now!

    Join us , so we can have your suggestions and your rates . Join us and became 1 of the family. Everyone is treated the same , whether he is fat , gay , thin , lesbian or whatever he is! join us now

    ADDRESS: 78.101.116,188:7777

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