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    NewTimes RolePlay


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    NewTimes RolePlay

    Post  Defconymous on Thu Aug 29, 2013 7:06 pm

    Server Information:

    Website: NewTimesRolePlay.Yzi.Me
    Game Type: RolePlay - Medium - Heavy

    Here at NewTimes RolePlay the Administrators are fair, loyal people focused on filtering out the bad, and overall keeping the community happy, well how do we go about doing that? its quite simple, no proof of something happening? then the report is tossed, you have valid proof of something happening? then it gets taken care of as soon as an administrator suitable of handeling the given situation is available, we are not here to treat you as just a player, because without you NewTimes is and never will be anything, we also hold Administrative meetings once every week to look at issues with the community and see how we would go about solving the given problems and from there spring into action and actually start making changes happen and you will get our 100% promise that we will handle issues within the community with honesty, loyality, leadership, attention to detail and best of all fairnessNow would also be a good time to mention that we are looking for two possible Administrators, and here at NewTimes everyone starts from the bottom, you do not get something such as being a Level Four Administrator just based off of a suggestion from another Administrator, whys that? Well its quite simple, you can easily know one of the Administrators personally and say "Oh hey put in a good word for me", no it doesnt work like that, you start from a Level One Administrator as soon as your hired and in game to recieve the position and from there on out, you will be watched daily by the Lead Administrators and when we feel like you deserve a promotion or demotion it will be made, so if you would like to take up on the offer

    go ahead and apply at

    What else are we looking for?



    Just like every other server we do have rules!, and we expect each and every member to follow them, just because your a donator does not make you exempt from the rules, just because your an Administrator doesnt mean your exempt from the rules, everyone is expected to follow them and everyone is treated fairly, you can see more about our rules at our website



    MySQL: Everything done on the server is saved via MySQL rather than older
    methods which comes in handy if any issues are to be caused, allows for
    better organization

    Houses: Houses are placed at various locations around Los Santos, 467 to be exact and only 3 of them are owned, we also have a furniture feature which allows you to customize your house to your liking, future furniture options will be added in the future.

    Businesses: There are 59 Businesses placed around Los Santos for anybody to own aslong as their money and level meet the requirements for said Business, we do have a low amount but thats is to drive the potential threat of the economy getting screwed up.

    Custom Mapping: Throughout LS there is quite a bit of mapping, nothing over the top but more aesthetic things to bring more life to certain areas, Ex: some areas classified as low class have garbage on the ground and things of that nature

    Pickup and Drop system: Got a tip that the police are going to come hunting for you shortly? Better drop that weapon with "/dropgun" it will stay on the ground until someone picks it up though, so maybe you should throw it somewhere where theres a lot of bushes and come get it later, or maybe your filthy rich and have money to blow? why not "/dropmoney"

    User Control Panel: We have a User Control Panel put in place at, while its simple it has all the stuff it should need, weather it be the automated donation system handeled by PayPal, the ability to look over your various details, sending in an application to become an "Approved Member" which will be looked over by an Administrator and you will then be accepted or denied (More on that later), Server statistics which are updated in real time which include, "Accounts created:", "Accounts locked:", "Houses owned:", "Businesses owned:", "Registration applications created:" and many more things, your also able to change your skin via the UCP, and stuff along those lines.

    Jobs: Every good RolePlay server needs jobs in place to allow players to make money and buy the various things they may need, the jobs are as
    -Bus Driver
    -Garbage Man
    -Pizza Boy
    -Street Sweeper
    -Car Jacker (Must be Level 7+)
    All with their own payouts and lengths of work

    Hunger System: Everyone gets hungry throughout the day right? and how are you RolePlaying acurately without having to ever eat? it just doesnt add up considering you die without food! So there is a hunger system put in place to add a little bit of realism, dont worry though food is very inexpensive such as a hamburger costing $20 but giving you 20 hunger points back, you also lose hunger at a slow pace so its not a huge micromanagement thing you need to worry about

    Economy: I would like to think the server is based on a more so realistic economy, with top of the line sports cars like the Turismo costing $700k, and an Infernus costing $720k, and more regular street vehicle such as the Glendale costing $50k, and the Tampa costing 100k, You also only start with $1000, which wont last you very long after at all, overall with everything being higher priced, you feel like you really did work for and earn each and everything you manage to purchase that has a large price tag

    CellPhone System: How else would you get in contact with someone halfway accross the city than without a phone right? Phones cost $55, and then you have to go to the cellphone company and pick either Pay as you Go, which makes you pay per text or phone call, or pay a flat rate every paycheck

    Business robbery system: Every criminal loves a good business robbery right?, well your able to do that here too! each business requires "X" amount of police on to balance the RP, as soon as you type "/robbiz" an alert will be sent out to all government factions with details to where its taking place, you then must wait 60 seconds for the shopkeeper to get the money and hand it over to you, and its quite simple, if you die no money for you! if you manage to live then you will go to either LV or SF, and get the money, and only one robbery can take place every 20 minutes

    Events: We also have an event system in place with events such as, free donation coins, weapon sales, double paychecks, double respect, double job money, 80% off houses and businesses and stuff along those lines, we will also be doing giveaways of VIP aswell as name changes and things along those lines to the community on the forums to keep them activeAnd honestly, I could go on for ages about features but why not hop on today and explore?!


    How do we stop hackers and DeathMatchers?: Good question, first of all there is no guarenteed way to stop them, but we can hold them off, thanks to the way the "Approved" and "UnApproved" member system, so for the first two hours and upwards depending on how long you hold it off for, your an "Unapproved" member, and the only way to get accepted is to login to the UCP and then clicking "Your account isn't approved! Your features on the server are limited. Please click here to open an application" So basically as an Unapproved member you are not able to wield any form of weapon, own a car, own a house, join a faction, or anything like that, think of it as a trial version of a pay to play game, you are just basically seeing if the server is right for you, while at the same time its doubling as a barrier for people who just joined to spawn a gun, kill someone, then log off, so basically its put in place to ensure that players arnt joining to just DM, but rather they are here to enjoy the server and have a good genuine RP experience so moving onto the application, the Administrators have a panel on the UCP called "Staff" and from there they can accept or deny applications the questions are as

    "How did you find out about NTRP:"
    "If someone invited you to NTRP, please type their name so you can be added to their refered list"
    "How has your experience thus far with NTRP:"
    "Write a backround story of your character:"
    "Do you have any prior RolePlay experience with SAMP?:"
    "What are our rules for Third Party Modifications:"
    "What are our rules on BunnyHopping:"
    "What is our rule on robbery and scamming?:"
    "Define some basic RolePlay terms:"
    "Any other comments:"
    It will then be sent to the panel for Administrators to read over, and if it was filled out correctly the Administrator will accept your application and you will unlock all the features the server has to offer, if not then dont sweat it! you cans till play as an unapproved member, and youll be able to apply again whenver your ready


    I know that was a lot, but there you have it! so join today! We look forward to spending time with you all.

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