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    GTA SAMP - Los Santos Gang Wars ( Rus / Eng )



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    GTA SAMP - Los Santos Gang Wars ( Rus / Eng )

    Post  kamazzz on Sun Sep 15, 2013 9:17 am

    Los Santos Gang Wars ( Rus / Eng )

    WEB: ls-gw.com
    IP: server.ls-gw.com:7777 (

    Hello, welcome to best gang wars server!
    After joining this server, you can - rob store, burn houses, rob players, take turfs, make own gang and manage it!
    Become top killer and won free vip status!
    Every hours fun events - bring money bag, everyone try to kill you. Parachute event, you must reach first to checkpoint to won!
    Its not all!!! Join us to have alot of fun!!!

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