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    Los Santos Cops N Robbers Roleplay |0.3x" Join us!



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    Los Santos Cops N Robbers Roleplay |0.3x" Join us!

    Post  Thunder. on Mon Sep 23, 2013 8:08 am

    Los Santos Cops n Robbers RolePlay

    Please register at our forums , the url is written in the bottom Smile

    About us: We are a roleplay server , with high standard script. This script was officially created by "Thunder" the owner , which you find quite often playing inside the server. This is about Cops n Robbers using RP gamemode which is kinda quite rare to find in samp. We are searching for players , we are hosting a 100 players slots and we want you guys.

    Our Features:


    <> Police class

    <> Army Class

    <> Medic Class

    <> Fbi / SWAT class

    <> Civilian / normal players class

    our main city is los santos but feel free to go out of los santos , we have las ventures and san fierro equipped with houses to buy and robbing areas to enjoy your moments!

    We have many and many commands .

    like giving 1 , /speedo will toggle your speedometer on or off , and much interesting commands.

    We have 1 bunch of a mature proffesional staff team , we are looking for scripters and mappers . We also are looking for admins Smile and we are looking for more and more players!

    Join us guys and enjoy 1 of your best experiences!

    Our Website is: copsnrobbersrp.createaforum.com

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