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    Crystal Generation Roleplay Gaming


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    Crystal Generation Roleplay Gaming

    Post  crystalgaming on Tue Oct 15, 2013 2:42 am

    Name Of The Server: Crystal Gaming
    Your Admin Name: DanielFreeman, MacUseless, Justinlampy
    Forum(If Any):To be posted
    The Page ( Here You Post Things About Your Server):

    We just opened a brand new server with amazing staff members that have great experience in being administrators. With their experience we managed to create a great server that not only has a stable way of progress but also has amazing never-seen-before features!

    Our Game Affairs team has made it not only fun to be in a faction but also not as pressuring as it is on other servers! Gangs won't be neglected on our server, they form the basis for a good roleplay environment. Without gangs, there's nothing for the factions to do; therefore we actually want the gangs to roleplay in a way that factions can get involved.


    - Los Venturas Police Department > [Leader: James Sprauss]
    - Application needed to join, has an amazing leader and is very fun to be in. Being an LSPD member opens a tremendous amount of ways to roleplay; You can pull over speeders, you can roleplay a corrupt cop that works for a gang or you can roleplay a cop that does his work with pride and is not scared to put his life on the table. Be creative! The game is yours to enjoy.

    - Los Venturas Fire & Medical Department > [Leader: None]
    - Application needed to join, has an amazing leader and is very fun to be in. Be a medic, save people's lives! You can roleplay whatever you want; be it an assasin that poisons their patients or a doctor that does his work with pride and does anything he/she can to keep the patient alive! Be creative! The game is yours to enjoy.

    - Federal Bureau of Investigation > [Leader: None] - anyone that plays the server might be approached by Game Affairs to lead the faction (totally depends on what character you roleplay and how well you roleplay; we don't look at the size of your /me -> we look at how you portray your character, and how well your character fits in that of an FBI director.)

    Bodyguard job: Give kevlar vests to people that are interested in them, this is a good start to make money; it's also fun because you can roleplay it in alot of ways.

    Armsdealer job: Get illegal materials from material factories by dropping packages at their door, use the materials to make weaponry. A good start if you're interested in being protected.

    Detective job: Find people for the police to earn a bit of extra cash. A great way to find friends of which you don't know where they are.

    Craftsman job: Create useful things like a wristwatch or a GPS with materials you get from material factories!

    Trucker job: Get a truck, load it with materials you choose and deliver them for extra bonus rewards.

    Drug Dealer/Drug Smuggler job: Buy drugs from the drughouse and sell it to players or keep it to yourself. The drugs can be refilled by smuggling it from the factory to the drughouse, BUT watchout! The police is out to get you! - A great way to refill your health and/or armor.

    Mechanic job: With this job you can fix vehicles. You can make people pay for it. A decent way to make money.

    Staff Team

    Our staff-members are all very experienced with being admin on communities with a large playerbase. We ensure that our admins follow our code of conduct and policies, if they violate it consequences will follow. Any player may send a complaint against a staff member to the executive team if they feel they were harassed, mistreated or discriminated.

    Staff members are picked based on experience, knowledge of the game and professionality. Asking for a staff position not only lowers your chance of ever being hired but it also makes you look unprofessional in the community as a whole.

    Helpers are people that help whenever someone needs it, they'll eventually get promoted to Community Advisor which is a staff position. Your best shot at becoming an admin is going through this stage. Becoming a helper is not easy; you have to help around on the forums/teamspeak and in-game to get this position.

    There alot of new updates now: some new systems like Business system boombox and alot more join us now first 10 players get free business.

    Server Information

    SA-MP Server IP: samp.cggaming.net:7777
    Teamspeak Server IP: ts.cggaming.net:9987
    Forums: to be posted

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