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    [0.3x]Call Of Duty - World At War(



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    [0.3x]Call Of Duty - World At War(

    Post  Led100 on Mon Jan 06, 2014 1:42 pm


    Hi, I'm here to present you my TDM server that has been created a month ago. We are new and still developing our server as well as our community. We are on hosted tab and we are hosted by ColorHost Hosting. We are an Indian community/server.

    Server Name : -> Call of Duty : World at War <-
    Version : v2
    Server IP :
    Server Website : forum-codwawsa-mp.tk
    Server owners : Arjan , Aayush
    •Server Co-Owner : BlackTiger


    •5 Teams
    •Unique Voice Assist
    •Rank system.
    •Class system.
    •Capturable zones.
    •Donor system.
    •Laser system.
    •Radio system for team chatting. (/r)
    •Killing spree system + rewards.
    •Donors/Admins(.)/Lvl 5+ admins(@)/HR Managers($) have their own chats.
    •8 Admin Ranks.
    •Briefcase to to buy weapons.
    •Class selection with class restrictions.
    •3D Text Overhead
    •PM system with dnd mode!
    •Sync (/sync) command


    Donor Rank 1

    -1000 score In game.
    -$50,000 cash In game.
    -Donor Rank 1 on Forum
    -VIP Chat / Board

    Donor Rank 2

    -4000 score In game.
    -$100,000 cash In game.
    -Donor Rank 2 on Forum
    -VIP Chat / Board
    -Moderator Stats

    Donor Rank 3

    -10000 score In game.
    -$500,000 cash In game.
    -Donor Rank 3 on Forum
    -VIP Chat / Board
    - Admin Rank 2

    Please note that your name will appeal in /vips list, as-well as your donor level.
    You will also have donor status on forums, and access to the donor-only section.


    Community Owner [Level 8]
    - [COD]Arjan
    - [COD]Aayush

    Community Co-Owner [Level 7]
    - [KB]BlaCkTiGeR

    Server Managers[Level 6]

    Head Admins [Level 5]

    Lead Admins [Level 4]

    Senior Admins [Level 3]

    Server Admins [Level 2]

    Trial Admins [Level 1]



    • We are looking for administrators and we are recruiting 20+ admins, we have a very good player base but we are lacking in staff team. So it would be good if you can serve our community/server as staff. We dont need any requirements, we just need your experience! Just join the server & forums and apply for staff. We'll question you with some questions and once you pass them, you will be hired.

    Donators | Investors | VIPs

    • We are also looking for some donators/investors/vips who would like to donate our server in-order to keep it alive. We will reward you with the VIP features mentioned above. We can handle the server by paying it but, it would be good if someone can support us.

    Cod Video:

    • Thanks for taking your time in reading the advertisement of my server.

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