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    Prospective Gaming Roleplay [ENG/NL] Hiring Faction Leaders!


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    Prospective Gaming Roleplay [ENG/NL] Hiring Faction Leaders!

    Post  prospectivegaming on Sun Apr 27, 2014 1:19 pm

    Prospective Gaming Roleplay is a low/medium roleplay server with unique features.
    We're currently looking for a couple of medium roleplayers which would like to lead a gang or a faction.
    Prospective Gaming Roleplay started a couple of months ago but we decided not to advertise untill we managed to fix a lot of bugs.
    We offer a lot of fun and to make the players happy we have a great administrative team which also make a lot of events.
    Some of the features we have are:
    Factions like LSPD, LSFMD and FBI. (( More are scripted and could be scripted ))
    Dynamic doors system.
    Business system.
    Donator system.
    Vehicle system.
    Family system.
    A lot of jobs.
    Toys system.
    House system.
    Auto refund system.
    Payday system.
    You can buy a mask in the ammunation for $10.000 (( To hide your name ))
    And a lot more things!
    If you're interrested in joining us then visit our forums on click here.

    Server Information
    SA-MP IP:
    TS3 IP:
    FACEBOOK: click here
    TWITTER: @prpgaming
    FORUMS: click here

    If you need help with something you could always add PRPGaming

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