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    ThatWarServer - TDM, RP, Events, Minigames.



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    ThatWarServer - TDM, RP, Events, Minigames.

    Post  ThatWarServer on Sat May 10, 2014 2:16 am

    ThatWarServer is a community which has been running for more than 5 years, in which we achieved a lot of experience and success.
    The community is based on a SA-MP server with a strict storyline, in which each character matters.

    Once you join the server, you have to pick between one of the forces fighting in the civil war of San Andreas, taking place in 1956, a while later after the World War II. The teams are:
    A.The red Rebellion which established their base on Fort Carson and the shore south to the Fort.
    B.The blue Empire which has its main base on Lumber Camp and Blueberry.

    Once you pick a side, you're given the opportunity to join a clan and prove that you're a worthy foe.
    You will be able to join various events and roleplays, also have fun while finishing our minigame challenges.
    You can build your character, without any limits, use your creativity and skills to become the best!

    The server offers a lot of interesting features.

    Crafting : We have a very simple, yet unique crafting system, allowing you to craft various items which can help you in your fight.

    Hunting : Here, you can hunt deer, then cook  and use it to regenerate some of your health.

    Food & beverages: There's a huge variety of items which can be bought from players or obtained during roleplays/events.

    Accessories : We have a lot of accessories which can be bought by players and worn. It's your choice, choose between a hat or a helmet, a watch or a pair of sunglasses, or... even better, all of them combined to make you look epic.

    Clan system : We have a very unique clan system, everyone's able to create a clan and lead it to success. You can recruit people to join your clan or join another clan and attend various clan events or roleplays.

    Achievements : There's a cool achievement system for players which offer a small money-reward to players which perform epic kills.

    Those are only some of our features, join us to find out even more, there's a lot to discover... poisons, bombs, nevada bombers, mining, trucking, LMS, and so on!

    Teamspeak3 : ts.thatwarserver.com
    Server IP : tws.thatwarserver.com
    Forum : thatwarserver.com

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