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    SAMP-IL RolePlay | High level of RP | Hosted | Daily updates | Unique MOD



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    SAMP-IL RolePlay | High level of RP | Hosted | Daily updates | Unique MOD

    Post  MuTant666 on Wed Jun 18, 2014 4:29 am

    Hello guys!

    ~SAMP-IL : RolePlay ~

    Admin name/Mod builder: Vassilis_Spirdon

    Address: game.sa-mp.co.il:8888 (Server's GMT + 3:00)

    Server forums: rp.sa-mp.co.il

    This server is high roleplay, and most of the players are from Israel although every one speaks English, the community is really awsome and people try they'r best to keep up the high level of RolePlay,
    The PD in the server is at high level, and does a great Roleplaying as well as the EMS, those factions almost always active, we got few Illegal faction, Russian, American, Italian mafias as well as bikers and street gangbangers,
    Come join us and if you'll bring friends and you all show great rp skills you'll get a faction and maybe a bizz, or car.
    About the server team, admins are very professional friendly and helpfull, the mod is unique and work on it hard.

    In order to join the server you'll have to fill application in-game that will be sent to one of the admins or testers.

    If admin asks who brought you to the server please tell them that Pasha brought you.
    So go and join.

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