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    >> Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 3 << | IP:


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    >> Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 3 << | IP:

    Post  polo59 on Fri Aug 08, 2014 12:24 pm

    Server Status:

    -Hosted Tab-

    -The Scripter (BattleZone) has just been hired and started developing, so except more features -


    5 teams | United States Of America - Arabian Invasion - Asia-Europe Union - Australia - Soviet Union | are in a non-stop war.

    You have to defend your continent and capture zones to give it more power.

    But be careful, it's about the wrold war! So get ready to fight!


    -Deathmatch Stadiums: Standard DM (/DM) | Sniper DM (/DM) | C-Bug DM (/CBDM)-

    -Over 55 Capturable zones all over SA-

    -Headshots System with Sniper (+2score)-

    -Team Capture Assist (You can capture zones with your friends to make the capture time 2x faster and get 4 score)-

    -Capturing Spree System-

    -Killing Spree System-

    -Unique Administration system with an experienced staff team-

    -Anti Fake Kills - Car Warp - Weapons Hack and more cheats!-

    -20 Seconds Capture time for Donor rank 1-

    -15 Seconds Capture time for Donor rank 2-

    -10 Seconds Capture time for Donor rank3-

    -Advanced Donor System (Unique features and cmds)-

    -Over 50 players cmd-

    -Secured login/register system (No dialog Skip mod with cleo mods | Account logon/stealing)-

    -Advanced Dev Team-

    -Active Server Scripter-

    -Mercenary Team (can't capture zones, but strong against weapons)-

    -Player Animations-

    -Anti Base Rape-

    -Admin music playlist system-

    -6 Teams-

    -9 Classes-

    - +2 scores when you prevent an enemy from capturing a zone-

    -DDOS Protected-

    -Advanced Logging system-

    Hostname: |||| Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 3 |||


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