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    Los Angeles City Roleplay - Alike to Project Los Angeles -


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    Los Angeles City Roleplay - Alike to Project Los Angeles -

    Post  JerryMc on Thu Sep 11, 2014 8:40 am

    SA-MP Server IP:
    On the day we first opened we had a lot of friendly players join our server and had an active playerbase of 15-25 during the past month. LOS ANGELES Roleplay is a medium roleplay server. We do encourage everyone to roleplay to higher standards and just to the best of their abilities. Everyone is welcome in LA Roleplay, even if you're new to roleplaying in general. We have many helpers, and administrators in game who are dedicated to helping you learn!
    Crafting System
    We have a crafting system, considered as a job, which can be obtained near pizza stack. You can craft many cool items with this job with materials, which are also the items used to make guns for the arms dealer job, you can create are illegal broadcasters, this is used to hack into the LAPD/FBI/GOV police radio scanners, this will give you the ability to hear /d.
    Helper System
    We have a very unique helper system. There are several helpers in game who are there to help you if you have any questions regarding the script. All you have to do is ask the question in /newb & /helpme and a helper will get to your help request as soon as possible! We are still hiring new Helpers who are willing to take some time out of their roleplay to help new and old players who may have any questions.
    Faction System
    We currently have six (6) factions that players are allowed to apply for on the forums. Unfortunately, some of our factions are closed and you may not join them until further notice.
    Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) - Open [Already Taken]
    Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) - Open
    Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) - Closed
    Government (GOV) - Open
    CNN News (CNN) - Open
    Hitman - Closed
    Department Of Corrections (DoC)-Open
    Family System
    We currently have 20 different official families in game. There is a turf and point system for families, once you take turfs and points you will get a reward in the family safe! If you'd like more information on the in game families, you may speak to a F/F (Family/Faction) Administrator in game.
    Job System
    There are several different jobs in game as a way for players to earn money in character. Most of the legal jobs can be obtained inside of City Hall such as the Lawyer, Mechanic, Taxi Driver and Trash Cleaner job, whereas illegal jobs can be obtained in different locations throughout Los Santos. Some of the illegal jobs include Arms Dealer and Drug Dealer, used to sell guns or drugs to people or use the gun for yourself. However, there are different methods you will have to use to get the items to make these.
    Why should I play on LACRP?
    Why should you join this server out of all of the other 300+ servers out there? Good question! Well, Our script is a UNIQUE One. We have lots of custom mappings located all around Los Angeles and are still adding more which our amazing mappers will create. There will be many more updates coming very often. The first day we opened, we got up to 25 active players who are usually online around the same time due to timezones. We would like to expand our playerbase so everyone can enjoy the roleplay and the fun! We also have a very friendly community and administration team.
    I am going to check it out, where do I start?
    You can start from asking a REFUND from /apm dmin
    rivate[M]essage, and after playing 4+ hours you can join as a Junior Operator aka Helper...And earn your level till Admin.
    Thank you!

    ADD me on SKYPE : anish.gowr1 ...I will add you to LACRP Group Chat!

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