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    San Andreas Gang Wars



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    San Andreas Gang Wars

    Post  Axel on Fri Feb 06, 2015 3:42 pm

    San Andreas Gang Wars

    San Andreas Gang Wars is a Team-Deathmatch server for SA:MP. I scripted the entire gamemode myself, with tons of research involved. There are different gangs made throughout San Andreas, most of which are in single player. The vehicles and weapons are based off of what they had originally, along with sports cars to fit the deathmatch setting.

    • Login System (Originally by JakAdmin, major edits made)
    • Choice of 10 different Gangs:
       - Grove Street
       - Ballas
       - Los Aztecas
       - Los Santos Vagos
       - Da Nang Boys
       - San Fierro Rifa
       - San Fierro Triads
       - San Andreas Bikers
       - Russian Mafia
       - Italian Mafia
    • Each gang has a few of their original vehicles at their bases, along with Infernuses, Cheetahs, 2 Hunters, and 2 Hydras.
    • Gangs cannot enter another gang's vehicles, they will be ejected. There are other vehicles around that are not owned in case you get stranded.
    • Team shooting is protected (not surprising), including vehicles being attacked by teammates will not lose health.
    • Turfs shown on the minimap for each teams base. (Not claimable, just to show where each base is)
    • Lockers (pickups) at each base for the refill of your weapon/ammo, health, and armor. Each locker is protected for their own team to use only.

    Current Staff Members:
    [SAGW]Axel - Owner (Myself)
    [SAGW]Nosam - Co-Owner

    Feel free to join the server, and check it out! If you don't like it, there is always (/q) instead of judging. However, this is my first gamemode so I hope you enjoy it in some way at least.

    Website: www[dot]sagangwars[dot]tk
    SA:MP IP: samp[dot]sagangwars[dot]tk
    TeamSpeak 3 Server: ts[dot]sagangwars[dot]tk


    Have a great day!

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