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    European Role Play



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    European Role Play

    Post  chrisboy197 on Wed Sep 04, 2013 3:49 pm

    A new server of which is actually, a well edited script, fixing lots of things, and soon to be adding things. We have all of your common jobs, and I am sure we will be editing around and changing them soon. We have all of your factions from Hitman  Agency to the LSPD. We want to enforce some RP, but overall, its not a very HEAVY rp server.
    We hope to see you soon!
    PS:You get 1 free house and 1 free car for the first 10 who join Very Happy
    HostName: European Roleplay
    Players:  4 / 100
    Ping:     67
    Mode:     EU-RP V.1.12
    Map:      San Andreas

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