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    .::Street Life Stories RPG ©::. ['07][Refund]



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    .::Street Life Stories RPG ©::. ['07][Refund]

    Post  Dizzle77 on Tue Aug 11, 2015 6:31 am

    .::Basic Information::.

    IP Adress: (SA-MP Version 0.3.7) (Hosted)
    Forums: www(dot)slsrpg(dot)sampforum(dot)net
    Facebook Page: www(dot)facebook(dot)com/slsrpg

    .::Server features::.

    Almost everything is dynamic.

    Vehicle system & dealerships - buy/lock/find/sell/mod/store guns in your car and much more, everything saves.
    Houses & Businesses (Upgradable) - There are houses & businesses all over Los Santos with different prices, choose the one that fits you.
    Toys & Clothes - Everything is being saved to your account file.
    Many jobs - Bodyguard, Boxer, Arms Dealer, Lawyer, Pizza boy, Mechanic and much more.
    Families - there are currently 10 family slots, we're using the Single Player families (gangs), anyway you can create your own unofficial family or donate for official one.
    Factions - Just a few for the moment, more will be added Government, LSPD, News Agency and Hitmen.
    Tie & Blindfold - You can kidnap people and earn some cash by doing it, but beware of the Cops.
    VIP System (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum) - Depends on the package you have, you will get some cool features like (VIP Lounge, Change name, clothes, age, gender | tune car | vip color and MORE)
    Refferal system - Invite a friend a tell them to make you their refferal to get points which can be used to get you a nice reward.
    Rentable vehicles, gates, graffitis, dead body/blown up veh system, realistic damage with bodyparts and many cool features to discover!

    The script is BUG FREE and with MANY features, you can always give it a try.


    .::A normal house in Los Santos (Level 1-2), to store your guns/cash/drugs inside::.
    .::A non-sports vehicle, with price varying from $20,000 to $33,000::.


    .::Starter package $25,000, 300 materials, 30 grams of weed and 30 grams of crack (which is for every regular player)::.

    Once you join you can always use /helpme or /newbie to ask for help, our staff team is nice and mature - always ready to help.

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